This is not my favourite Rodin sculpture. It might have been if he had chosen a woman as his thinking figure. Not that he didn't appreciate and create beautiful sculptures of women!

I took this picture at the Musee Rodin in Paris. I was in Paris because it wasn't too far from the small West Coast village of La Baule where my husband and I participated in a conference about entrepeneurship. We were there representing Germany, even though we are Canadians. It's a long story.

I'm pretty sure I have passed the half way point in my life. It's been a great journey leading me to do plenty of, well, thinking.

If you look at my @KWCathy Twitter feed it's pretty clear where my interests lie. My life as a wife, and mom, has been constantly interrupted by serious forays into business, politics, energy, and gardening.That's what I'll be writing about and I hope you will enjoy participating in the conversation.